VOEMA vs Back2Mad – The Magical Start Of 2014 25.1.2014 21-04 – Voema

VOEMA vs Back2Mad – The Magical Start Of 2014 25.1.2014 21-04

Massive first collaboration between these groups will come to life in january, bringing the electronic music event of the year in Kuopio.

The long influenced crew in the clubbing scene of Kuopio; VOEMA, will host the first visit of the crew of Back To Mad, the people behind the psychedelic trance radioshow on Bassoradio.

This collision between the crazy crew of VOEMA with the nutters from Back To Mad can’t be anything else than lot’s of fun and an unforgettable night of music out of this world.

Now for the first time in Kuopio, there’ll be a rare chance to see a world class star of psychedelic trance performing live at the local nightclub.

This night is THE ONE not to be missed !!!

Back To Mad / VOEMA collaboration presents :

-The Magical Start Of 2014-

Super Sorcerer : TRYAMBAKA


With Support From Withces & Wizards :

Back 2 Mad :

Miazu ( Back To Mad, POTB )
Terva ( Back To Mad, Zenon Records )
Tim Duster ( Back To Mad, Sunstation Records )


L@t€ ( VOEMA )
Tesno ( VOEMA )
Jimmyfi ( VOEMA )

Decorations from the lovely VOEMA decocrew full of girlpowah ^_^ ♥

Tickets 5€ + service fee

The magical journey will start from slow & progressive smoothing melodies …

… getting brighter with fullon & melodic sounds, uplifting your spirit …

… dropping suddenly to the darker & foresty, nightmarish soundscape, almost depleting your energies …

… until the last miles of the journey will be blessed with uplifting sounds in the spirit of new style goa trance. Ending this magical journey flowing through universe without the restrictions of bodies, borders or boundaries !

Preliminary Timetable :

21.00-22.15 Terva vs. Tesno
22.15-23.30 Miazu vs. Jimmyfi
23.30-00.30 Tim Duster
00.30-02.30 Tryambaka
02.30-03.30 L@t€

All Rights Reserved.

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Kuvat by Teemu Kiviranta