L@T€ – Voema


-Suomennos tulossa-

In English

The ”Surprise Factor” in VOEMA. Mostly Psy / Goa genres, occasionally Oldschool Rave, J-Core, Freeform. Expanding genre selection to the direction of : EBM, Industrial Dance, Dark Wave, Dark Electro, Aggrotech, etc…

Got into electronic music around 1995 when hearing a friend playing trance nation ’95 megamix from a c-cassette.

Interest grew over the years, listening various types of electronic until fell in love with the oldschool goa trance. First favourite artists were Astral Projection, Man With No Name, Transwave, Hallucinogen .. and many many more.

But active dj:ing didn’t start until 2007 when putting together the VOEMA group with 3 other friends.

Psy and Goa sets usually contain happy, uplifting and energetic melodies .. but sometimes a set might be constructed around darker atmospheres with dark forest and nightmarish sounds.

More of happy sets played at parties but you never know what’s coming up and usually there’s a surprise or two in the track selections.