Le Petit T€pi – Voema

Le Petit T€pi

-Suomennos tulossa-


In English:

Resident DJ from the beginning of VOEMA. Strongly influenced by all the different layers of electronic music that have been the driving force in his life since the 80’s. Le Petit T€Pi has been a co-organizer in such clubs as Jytke and the late 21 Steps club, doing DJing and VJing in the process. All the time expanding the range of music styles to play in his sets, not settling for simple one genre solution, but broadening the scale, being versatile and adaptable for many different genres of music.

Most recent DJing gigs done in Helsinki-Stockholm cruise lines, playing internationally in Vietnam and venues in Helsinki.

Le Petit T€Pi will be the starting act at the big room laying the foundation bricks for the evening with smooth melodies and progressive soundscapes. Moving from there to play a psydub induced set in the chill area and finally to play the first time in history, Meke b2b Le Petit T€Pi – Oldschool Rave set!

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