Voema – Psyyskuu 14.9.2013 – Voema

Voema – Psyyskuu 14.9.2013

Once again, the legendary PSYyskuu is back. And this time we have a twist to it, to make it even better than before.
First time ever, PSYyskuu offers a chance to get crazy and wear imaginitive costume in the spirit of the American Natives.
Entrance fee will be 4€ but with a costume in the spirit of the natives it’ll be only 2€.
There’ll be decorations and shall be seen what kind of potions the shaman cooks up.

Place : Puikkari Discotheque (Maaherrankatu 5)
Time : 14.9.2013 22:00 – 04:00
Price : 4e, with a costume 2e (+ service fee)

The Music Chiefs :
Miazu ( Sangoma Records, Mechanik Records, POTB )
Murrinalle ( Transfixion Recordings )
Le Petit T€Pi ( VOEMA )
L@t€ ( VOEMA )
Tesno (VOEMA )

Miazu Biography:
Polly & Miazu are a long time soulmates and a dj couple from Helsinki, Finland, whose sets are known to burst energies and blend styles into a huge positive vibe trancedance experience for the dancefloor. Miazu’s beautiful and melodic selections blended with Polly’s rough and energetic sounds create a unique mix of gentle raw energy of psychedelia with tones of shady foresty audioscapes. There has not been single boring gig with them as their sets get in to the flow and let dance unite us!
Miazu & Polly are a pioneering couple on Finnish psy trance scene and culture, having played, created amazing events and brought some of the biggest names in global underground psy music scene to Finland since 2005. Under the name People of the Butterflies crew, founded in 2007, they organise events and festivals and release free albums and compilations. They’ve also been one of the Finnish emissaries of psy music, having played internationally on most of the established European festivals, among them Fullmoon Festival. Both of them will celebrate this year their 10 year careers of playing psychedelic trance.

Miazu & Polly has released 2 compilations for free download

POTBVA001: Morphing Psyche

POTBVA004: Anima mundi


Murrinalle Biography :
Murrinalle found his love for the electronic dance music in the summer of 2004 after attending a free party in the middle of the English countryside. Since moving back to Finland in 2006 he started organizing parties called STOMP psy vs hard. In 2008 Murrinalle finally got himself a pair decks and since then he has been trying to bring free party sounds to Finland’s ug scene. In November 2012 he became a label DJ for the Transfixion Recordings. He is also a resident at Club Vatican Underground where you can catch him play usually on Wednesdays and Fridays.